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2021-12-23 08:16:31 By : Ms. Ales Fung

Discover fresh Edomae sushi from all over Japan

Conveniently located on the Yamanote line, Minato Shinchi Sushi-Go-Round is only a three-minute walk from Ebisu Station and is the area’s newest kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurant. The establishment stands out from its office building surroundings with its colorful sign and large poster of an itamae (highly-skilled sushi chef) gleefully preparing sushi.

Inside, the restaurant is spacious. Striking red wooden pillars stand out against a black wall, and the detailing of the wood evokes a feeling of a traditional Japanese shrine. The interior is brightly lit and has a modern feel. J-pop tunes play in the background alongside the soft whirring of the conveyor belt as it carries the dishes around the room. The staff are friendly and guide the customers to their seats with warm smiles.

Minato Shinchi’s star feature though is the high-quality Edomae sushi starting at ¥110, with no table or service charge. Seasonal and fresh fish are delivered to the restaurant every day, including those that are shipped from all over Japan, guaranteeing to satisfy your palate for exceptional sushi. There are daily recommendations, such as the albacore tuna (¥180) and fatty tuna (¥680).

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Orders can be made via a glossy touch panel, with over 100 items on the menu. These range from basic sushi such as salmon roe (¥280), a-la-carte items like homemade steamed egg custard (¥210), and desserts like sweet almond tofu (¥210). The touch panels can also be displayed in English, Korean, and Chinese. 

A highly recommended dish to try, the seared fatty tuna (¥680) comes topped with grated radish and fresh spring onions and simply melts in your mouth. Special chef recommendations include the sakura shrimp, a fresh and succulent dish featuring a generous portion of the tiny pink shrimp. 

In addition to a fine-tuned sushi menu, Minato Shinchi’s selection of alcoholic drinks, from sake to wine, is carefully selected by the manager, who is a self-proclaimed expert. Unsurprisingly, the reception area also displays this diversity of different alcoholic bottles. The drink menu features a range of beers, sake and even champagne to celebrate a special occasion. With such a generous menu, the restaurant has a buzzing atmosphere during evening hours after work.

There are several nearby sightseeing spots that are well worth the visit, from the Ebisu shrine to the Yamatane Museum of Art , which specializes in Japanese paintings, and the Yebisu Beer Museum , which is located in the memorial hall at the Ebisu Garden Place. The restaurant is also close to the Meguro river, which is a must-go spot during the hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season (late March to late April) to see the blossoming flowers. 

Edomae sushi was known as Japan’s fast food in the Edo period, but now it’s one of the classics of Japanese cuisine. Make sure to head over to Minato Shinchi Sushi-Go-Round, for delicious sushi and excellent service, then head over to the sightseeing spots after your meal for a perfect day out.  

Minato Shinchi Sushi-Go-Round Tokyo Erusutanza Ebisu 1F 1-3-2 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku Tel: 03-6412-7888 www.sushims.com